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I understand that Cottages of Lake St Louis has a commitment to maintain a drug-free workplace and that, unless prohibited by law, requires a drug-screening test as part of its selection and hiring process. If after a second, confirmatory test it is determined my specimen contains a prohibited controlled substance, or was altered or substituted, I will be disqualified from consideration and any offers of employment withdrawn.
As a part of this application process I hereby authorize Cottages of Lake St Louis to investigate my background and qualifications for purposes of evaluating whether I am qualified for the position for which I am applying. I understand that Cottages of Lake St Louis will utilize an outside firm or firms to assist it in checking such information, and I specifically authorize such an investigation by information services and outside entities of the company's choice. I also understand that I may withhold my permission and that in such a case, no investigation will be done, and my application for employment will not be processed further.
Cottages of Lake St Louis provides a list of new hires to the Missouri Department of Employment Security for unemployment and garnishment purposes.
I declare that the facts set forth in my application are true and complete. I understand that if I am employed, false information stated in this application shall be sufficient cause for dismissal.