Cottages of Lake St. Louis is the first Green House model community in Missouri. THE GREEN HOUSE® model is a proven and innovative approach to Short Term Rehabilitation and Long Term Skilled Nursing. Cottages of Lake St Louis has been built to resemble a traditional residential neighborhood truly a home away from home.

The Green House Project has spent over a decade creating a new vision for the future of elder care. Data shows that the Green House model delivers better outcomes than traditional nursing homes. By empowering the Elders, and their direct care workers, to be at the center of decision making, and designing a true home environment, Elders have dignity, autonomy, and choice. Because of the close and consistent relationships that develop between Elders and those providing care for them Green House homes provide a higher quality of care. Changes in an Elder’s condition are more easily identified by these caregivers, allowing for earlier treatment, if necessary. The calm, familiar, real home atmosphere of Green House homes also improvise the well-being and function of Elders with dementia.

The Green House values include:

  • Meaningful life focused on personal choices
  • Consistent, compassionate, highly trained and empowered staff
  • Advanced, research driven medical services in a real home

Cottages of Lake St. Louis’ Green House model for those needing skilled nursing for rehabilitation or skilled long-term care is new to the area, but has an amazing positive and proven reputation based on a decade of research. You can learn more at:

The Green House Project

Cottages of Lake St. Louis - A Skilled Care Community
Cottages of Lake St. Louis - A Skilled Care Community